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On the Other Side

with Arrvin, Sophia Dominguez, littlenoia

On the Other Side is based on experiences during a period of detachment as the artists busied themselves in societal working life. Dwelving into the metaphysical, the discomfort and comfort of their everyday. Their plights have led them into wanting need to create works that showcase an extension, perhaps another interpretation, of what is or what could be On the Other Side. 

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Acteur et Spectateur 
by Arrvin

Exploring into the duality of perspective, the power dynamics, the position of the watcher and the watched. One might feel alienated when they are viewing or spectating others from a distance or an indiscernible frame. The one being monitored might be unaware their actions or behaviours were stalked by others. As an analogy, this situation is somehow a theatrical stage set, the nexus between actors and audiences.

Baptism of Fire
by Sophia Dominguez

The separation of their past and present. A rebirth, a reclaimation a re-baptism in connection with their metaself. They performed in the dawn of the dawn of a new moon. A new cycle, a new phase to start in life. In aims to reclaim spirituality for their own, as spirituality is and will always be your own.

Watch, meditate and reclaim your power in peace.

Alexandra's Friends
 by littlenoia

Adapted from the song Alexandra by Allie X, Alexandra's Friends gained its inspiration from a walk at a park. The work investigates the state of Zen through a series of visiting certain corners at the park. Subsequently, these corners revealed the unseen. Alexandra's Friends are trees in fine art images along with names that represent their peculiarities.










Mr Don't

Mrs Snubb


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